Multidimensional Risk Consultation

Atlantic Global Risk is a specialist insurance broker focused on designing complex insurance products which require deep expertise and realize value upon inception. Our subject matter experts analyze risk through numerous lenses, realizing novel outcomes for our clients. We have a reputation for thoughtful advice, firm advocacy on behalf of policyholders and unparalleled execution. We have a culture of true collaboration - ensuring our clients benefit from the collective knowledge and experience of our industry leading experts. We work closely with our clients to identify their desired outcomes, ensuring we structure powerful risk transfer solutions.

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Dynamic Solutions

We support our clients' risk management requirements by providing a range of services and products. Even if you never make a claim, our insurance products provide tangible benefits by facilitating transactions, providing liquidity to investors, optimizing balance sheets, and reducing capital constraints.

Seasoned Approach

Strategic consultation icon

Strategic Consultation

We provide strategic consultation from the outset of a process, identifying major constraints, understanding key risks and offering comprehensive guidance.

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Multi-layered Analysis

We undertake a deep analysis of all available documents, allowing us to design effective risk transfer solutions.

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Proven Execution

We are highly responsive and have a track record in executing insurance across a wide array of complex projects, firmly negotiating with insurers to obtain the best cover.